Infographic - How Fully Automated Expense Reporting Works


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How Fully Automated Expense Reporting Works

Auto-generated expense reports can help your business achieve a more efficient manner of logging expenditures - handling processes automatically that would otherwise require fulltime oversight. You don’t need a fulltime employee keeping an eye on your expenditures – all you need is Certify’s ReportExecutive™, a digital application that automates your entire company’s expense reporting, and even coordinates the release of said reports according to your scheduling preference, and much more.

Schedules automated expense reports

Certify helps your firm to establish a company-wide schedule by which automated expense reports can be completed – or, if you prefer, it allows each individual employee to set their own filing schedule. Certify’s ReportExecutive can adapt to whatever schedule works best for you.

Employees track expenses instantly

All your employees have to do to log their expense data is take an image of their receipt with their mobile phone. They can also scan, fax, email, and text proof of their costs to our system - or even sync their corporate credit card to their Certify account. No matter what mode they prefer, Certify’s system is prepared to accommodate them.

Email notifications

The program also sends automated emails to your employees, reminding them to add receipts and all expenses into their Certify account before the filing date is reached, thus ensuring the prevention of overlooked expenditures.

Auto-generated expense reports

After all your expenses have been logged and the filing date has been reached, ReportExecutive will take all receipts and expense information in the program, and automatically create the expense report for your firm – no data entry on your part is necessary.

Employee-based reviews and submissions

Once the ReportExecutive program has filed your expense report, all the employee has to do is review the report, and verify its approval. Logging expenses has never been less time consuming than it is with Certify’s automated, streamlined software

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Expense Reprot Automation Graphic

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