Onboarding & Training

Become a master of Certify with our training services.

At Certify, we not only want you to enjoy using our products, we want you to be a master at using them. We take the time to train and walk users through our system from the inside and out.

Live Webinar User Training

Included in our Implementation packages, your users will have access to our highly-rated online user trainings in dedicated sessions for each user role in Certify. Our Training Services Department will have your employees capturing receipts on their mobile phones and submitting expense reports in minutes, while your managers will be able to review and approve expense reports in no time. Our online trainings are scheduled weekly and available to all users at your company to serve as new training and as great refresher sessions.

Video Training

Certify provides online pre-recorded training videos for all of our users via our online Support portal. These videos allow users to quickly view “how to” videos on the most frequently asked topics in Certify. It is said “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and this is incredibly true when it comes to software training. Watch a video once and users can repeat the steps in seconds.

Onsite Training

If your company prefers to have onsite training services at your facility, a member of our Training Services Department will gladly hit the road and make it happen! For some companies, this is the best option and can be very useful when migrating to an expense reporting solution for the first time. Onsite Training Services are custom-designed to the client’s particular requirements.